A gig! An actual gig!

March 29, 2010

We haven’t played in public since we supported O’Death in Whelan’s about 18 months ago. Blame our kids. The dry spell ends on April 23rd in The Lower Deck – us and Large Mound and Yeh Deadlies and Captain A. We even have some new songs

Trampolina video done

June 30, 2008

Who would have thunk we could get a video scripted and shot in a single weeked (and a short one at that – started around 5 on Sat, finished around 2 on Sun)? The “plot” of the video is just acting out the words, so for “stag weekend” we borrowed a (huge) pair of deer’s antlers and I put them on my head, for “headbanger” John banged a doll’s head with a hammer, for “thinking about death until dawn” Stephen put on a borrowed shroud and carried a scythe we made out of cardboard and tinfoil … and then for the chorus we jumped up and down on a mattress. What fun! It’s so refreshing not trying real hard to get things perfect, and it’s bizarre being in your 30s and suffering from stiffness from jumping on a bed

Can’t post the video yet though, cos it’s not synced to the actual song, and we are leaning fairly heavily now towards not releasing the thing until next year when the new album is ready

We decided to do a video for Trampolina, and we’re recording it in John’s this weekend. We’ve no video skills or knowledge whatsoever so we’re going to practice it and shoot it all in one take so we don’t have to worry about editing or any of that codology. If anybody reading this has a death outfit (skull mask, shroud, scythe) or a set of toy traffic lights please give me a shout.

Trampolina again

June 18, 2008

Pete got back to me with a preliminary mix of Trampolina with the large-crowd backing vocals in it, and it sounds great … which, funny enough, has given me pause. I’ve got a baby on the way (due August) and so has John (due December), so we’re looking at two longish gaps between now and this time next year when we won’t be active at all.

So, go ahead and release it, and if it does well have no album to sell and no chance of playing gigs, and by the time we’re back doing stuff it’s forgotten?

Or sit on it for a whole year?

… shit

Is there? So long as you’re not proud of it.

Recorded some group backing vocals for Trampolina last night in The Lower Deck – thanks Eoiny, Dervilia, Ciara, Mary, Donnchadh, Jeroen, Thomas, Pete and both Padraigs. Large-group singalongs have kinda become a Stoat trademark, haven’t they? I suppose it’s because WE LOVE THEM. Hoho. Hope they come out well, haven’t heard the recordings back yet.

A True Artist

June 6, 2008

I read someplace once that, in order to be a true artist, you have to simultaneously think you are

a. brilliant
b. rubbish

So I spent lunchtime with my latest quarter-finished tune charging around my head thinking “our next album is going to BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS” and then I listened to a rough mix of a poorly-played song from our latest recording sessions and became profoundly depressed about just how BAD we are (some of the time)

If only being a true artist counted for something, wha?

Being a Rock Star

June 6, 2008

After that gig on Saturday I was buzzing so much I was INCANDESCENT … I know us indie types are always scornful of Rock Stardom, but imagine playing to a crowd one zillion times the size of Saturday’s, all knowing every single word of every song you’ve ever written, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT 😮

And, oh yeah, money coming out your arse. Fuck. What a life.

That was the most fun night out I’ve had in quite a while 🙂 A rare Stoat gig that all 3 of us were happy with (the sound on stage was pretty murky but as far as we could tell we played well), a decent-sized audience, cool other bands, a crazy pirate dance from my cousin James, some catching up with people I hadn’t seen in ages, dancing to ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ in the pub across the road afterwards and going to bed after dawn … just lots of fun all round, hooray!

I was blathering outside after our set and said to my brother “I’m off downstairs to see Boxes – you should come, they’ll blow your mind” and he put on his too-cool-for-school face and said “yeah, they’re hardly going to blow my mind”, and then spent most of their set saying “Wow … ok maybe these are pretty good … holy shit … actually that might be the best drummer I’ve ever seen in my life … “. Haha!

Gig on Saturday

May 28, 2008

If you’re on our mailing list you’ll already know we’re playing in The Lower Deck on Saturday, supporting our friends Boxes. Looking forward to it now – we’ve two new songs getting their first public airing, one of which is the first new song of mine that we’ve played for an audience in a long time.


April 24, 2008

Got a first draft of a mix of Trampolina from our recording session in Feb today. It’s damn good for a first mix, I’m excited about it now – hopefully it’ll be done and mastered and on a radio near you in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

I’m half thinking of creating an area on the blog for rough mixes and early drafts of songs. Stoat songs can go through a zillion versions and mixes before finally being deemed to be playable to The Public – on the one hand I’m terrified of anyone hearing anything that’s unfinished, but on the other if someone was interested in the band they might enjoy it. Hmmm. I wonder. Maybe after a song is released I could put up a bunch of early versions. I’ve a real old version of Oh Happy Day on CD someplace with a totally different chorus, must dig it out