Last night’s journey through dreamland, in three acts

February 26, 2010

Act 1: sadness

I was at a party or wedding with Niamh. Lots of people I like but hadn’t seen in ages were there, but I wasn’t really enjoying it because I was in some kinda of downer bubble

Act 2: hope

Then we heard amazing music and went to investigate where it was coming from. We found a big bunch of young men, guests from the wedding, high up in the building like a lecture theatre or the choir gallery of a church, and they were singing. I think the words had something to do with pirates.

Act 3: terror

Then we went down to the basement and it was like a warehouse. There was a container of stuff something like plasticine that seemed somehow alive – it was moving and forming hand shapes. Someone put an handful of it on a metal plate on the back of an inactive robot, which activated and grew enormous and proceeded to kill/enslave everyone in sight. Eventually we escaped, but it was still on the rampage back in the warehouse, and would never, ever stop.

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