Everything you knew was wrong

January 29, 2009

The importation and sale of contraception was illegal in Ireland until 1979. Homosexuality was illegal until 1993. When I was a kid and my parents were doing B&B during the summertime, they were genuinely morally conflicted when an unmarried couple shared a room – they needed the money, but they felt pretty weird about the couple “committing a sin” in their house.

Now you can buy condoms in the corner shop, my parents don’t consider their own sons sleeping with their girlfriends in the house even worthy of comment, and when they still did B&B they were happy to accommodate same-sex couples.  My mother doesn’t even seem to go to Mass anymore! All the things the moral guardians of generation warned about came to pass, and society didn’t collapse – on the contrary, despite the current economic crisis, almost everyone is better off now than they were then. How strange to discover you were so wrong about so much.

(inspired by a fragment of Anne Enright’s “The Gathering” which I’m quite enjoying at the moment)


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