Winning the cold war

October 5, 2008

I saw that film there lately “Charlie Wilson’s War” and was pleasantly surprised by it – it had a propaganda smell for a while but that’s not how it turned out in the end. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a fairly corrupt American congressman who gets kinda tricked into taking up the cause of the Afghans during the Soviet invasion, and subsequently orchestrates the proxy war that drives them out.

Like I said I was pleasantly surprised, mainly because reviews of the film seemed to suggest that Charlie Wilson helped win the Cold war for the West. Wait a second … and then I find all over the internet it seems to be taken as a given that Ronald Reagan “won” the Cold War by escalating the arms race to such an extent that the Russians couldn’t afford it anymore and preciptated the collapse of Communism. How bizarre! Doesn’t anyone remember Mikhail Gorbachev?


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