Mamma mia!

August 8, 2008

I went to see ‘Mamma Mia!’ on Sunday, and after a (very) shaky start it was actually quite good. What a surprise! I was struck by how good Abba’s songs are – sure I know, every smug fucking Authority On Rock Music in the world is suddenly claiming “Abba is the best pop band since the Beatles”, bah, I neither know nor care but by jaykers they did write some excellent music. I loved them as a child – Abba Greatest Hits Volume 2 was the first non-children’s record I ever got (in 1979) – but then they became “kitsch” icons …

Stoat hates kitsch, boys and girls. We have no time for “so-bad-it’s-good” bollocks. I know it’s kinda against the zeitgeist to not really have any interest in taking pleasure in looking down your nose at people who are unfashionable or stupid or untalented, but, well, life’s too short. Y’know? The trouble with that is when something good is celebrated as having kitsch value by people who love bad stuff – took me a long time to get past that one, and so I hated Abba for years.

But get past it we did, as anyone who’s familiar with the (brilliant despite being popular) songs Stoat sometimes attempts to cover will testify. I never really revisited Abba though, and so at the film was amazed by the sophistication of some of the melodies, and the unabashed hedonism in the lyrics. So ummm yeah, check out some Abba, I intend to anyway


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