Pre-childbirth injuries

July 11, 2008

New baby due on August 1st and I’ve become accident prone again – reversed into someone last week, then closed the van door on my finger after practice last night. Dunno why it’s happening, was the same before Isabelle (our first) arrived, I managed to cut a chunk off my left index finger (the one I caught in the door last night) with a Stanley knife. Was cutting out CD covers, went OW and saw a little piece of flesh on the cutting board. Then I picked up the piece of flesh, popped it in my mouth, and swallowed it down. No idea why, it just seemed like a good idea for some reason – went to the doc but she couldn’t stitch it cos I had eaten the missing bit. Healed up eventually anyway


2 Responses to “Pre-childbirth injuries”

  1. Aaron Says:

    You swallowed your finger? That is a little strange. Quite an interesting reaction to such an incident too. Probably wouldn’t have been my first.

  2. stoatmusic Says:

    Just a little bit of it. The scar’s quite small now, though of course it seemed like a mortal wound at the time

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