Trampolina video done

June 30, 2008

Who would have thunk we could get a video scripted and shot in a single weeked (and a short one at that – started around 5 on Sat, finished around 2 on Sun)? The “plot” of the video is just acting out the words, so for “stag weekend” we borrowed a (huge) pair of deer’s antlers and I put them on my head, for “headbanger” John banged a doll’s head with a hammer, for “thinking about death until dawn” Stephen put on a borrowed shroud and carried a scythe we made out of cardboard and tinfoil … and then for the chorus we jumped up and down on a mattress. What fun! It’s so refreshing not trying real hard to get things perfect, and it’s bizarre being in your 30s and suffering from stiffness from jumping on a bed

Can’t post the video yet though, cos it’s not synced to the actual song, and we are leaning fairly heavily now towards not releasing the thing until next year when the new album is ready


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