What is art?

June 11, 2008

Had a big discussion about this with my sister-in-law Dervilia on the way home from recording last night which caused me to go astray a few times and take twice as long to get home as I should have. For a while I’ve been addressing the question with the line “Art is communication”, which I think is pretty cool, or you could even elaborate it to “Art is when someone endeavours to express something and someone else ‘gets’ what they’re trying to express”

Which also kinda sums it up I think

But, really, who cares what “art” is? Do philosophers ponder “What is a table?”, and write theses about the subject? Was the table world ever thrown into chassis by some revolutionary table-maker exhibiting a urinal and asking the question “Is this a table?”.

No is the answer, in case you were wondering – no one cares to wonder what a table is, they are interested in what a table does.

I suppose what I’m getting at is – the lack of an all-encompassing definition for “art” doesn’t prevent art from actually being useful to us, so really attempting to answer the question “what is art?” has no real purpose except entertainment for people who enjoy philosophical trickery. Same as all philosophy, I suppose.

Same as everything, I suppose.

(Cormac argues himself to a standstill again)


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