New nialler9 podcast

May 1, 2008


Another cracker from Niall and Aoife

My workmates are giving me funny looks cos I can’t sit still in my seat …


2 Responses to “New nialler9 podcast”

  1. aoifemc Says:

    Ay up! Glad you like it. When’s your next album coming out? I need another acunamanacana in my life. 🙂

  2. stoatmusic Says:

    Hi Aoife! just waiting for the 3rd draft of a mix of some new recordings (due tonight), none them very acuna-ish … just this minute though been working on a song that is, mad excited about it now, wait til you hear it DUUUH-de-de-de-de DUUH-de-de-de-de (hope it still sounds this good to me in a week)

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