What is romance?

April 25, 2008

There was some show about “romance” on the radio a while ago, and the host was asking people to send in romantic stories. They all ended up being of the “he whisked me away to Paris and we had a candlelit dinner on the banks of the Seine …” and the host asked the (fair) question “is romance all about spending money?”

I’m not really a romantic type, not in the whisking-away sense anyway, but the question stayed with me and then all of a sudden I came up with an answer that I like – it’s a man acting like an alpha-male and treating his woman like an alpha-female. That’s why (in Ireland anyway) it involves spending money and arranging something to happen without the woman’s foreknowledge or consent, and why it makes the people involved feel good about themselves.

I wish I could think of an appropriate proverb now, something like “for to understand your brother look ye unto the coyotes in the hills”. Oh well


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