IMRO April distribution

April 16, 2008

We got our distribution from IMRO today – the princely sum of €9.54 each (which isn’t actually bad, usually we just get a few cents). It covers airplay betwen July and December 2007, and on the back of the documentation it gives the amount you get per play on each station, so I worked out the number of plays we got on the different stations, and here they are:

  • Phantom: 155 plays (108 Periscope Down, 27 Acunamanacana, 20 Oh Happy Day)
  • Spin 103.8: 2 plays (Acunamanacana)
  • Beat 102-103: 2 plays (The Saltee Tango)

Fair play to Phantom, wha? And to Rob on Beat and Eva on Spin … but, well, thank jaykers for Phantom. They’re still playing 2 songs we released in 2002, which is amazing. If only they had a bigger audience …


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