What it means to be human

April 15, 2008

I saw that film “Stardust” there a while ago, and it was deadly, but there’s a voiceover at the start that says “Do we look at the stars because we’re human, or are we human because we look at the stars?”.

Bah. Y’know, now that I’ve started this post I find I can’t articulate what it is I find so dumb about this sort of codswallop. It’s not that I don’t have as much romance in my soul as the next man – or, at least, something similar to romance that has compelled me to devote myself to the exercise in futility that is Stoat – but … well, ah I dunno. Hey, if you’re a journalist and you’re writing a review, don’t use the phrase “goes to the heart of what it means to be human” because it’s dewey-eyed nonsense. If you need me to explain why, email me and I’ll write a more coherent post someday

Talking of films, I have been finding lately that I’m just not interested in films where the guy doesn’t get the girl at the end anymore. Atonement! What a load of woe-is-me rubbish!


One Response to “What it means to be human”

  1. stoatmusic Says:

    Further comment on this – look, we’re all human. We not human because of anything we do, we’re human because that’s what we ARE … and we’ve no idea what it’s like to be anything else. For all we know hedgehogs and woodlice look at the stars too, and consider that to be part of their essential experience of life

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